How High to Mount a 65 Inch TV

How High to Mount a 65 Inch TV

Having a sleek flat-screen TV mounted on your wall can make your room look fantastic. It’s like having a mini theatre at home, perfect for chilling and watching your favourite shows. Now, when you’re setting up this cool TV, you might wonder, “How high to mount a 65 inch TV?” Well, that’s a big question, especially if you want your TV time to feel just right.

So, in this article, we will figure out the perfect height for your 65-inch TV to make your watching experience awesome.

Things to consider before mounting a TV

When deciding where to put your TV, think about a few important things:

TV Size: Before your TV installation, it’s important to prepare properly. Start by measuring your flat-screen TV to determine its dimensions. Typically, wider TVs should be positioned higher on the wall than narrower ones. This ensures a balanced view and enhances the overall aesthetic appeal of your setup.

Room Size and Distance: Look at your room’s size, layout, and design.

  • How wide is the wall?
  • What’s the wall made of?
  • How far is it from where you sit?
  • Which way does it face, and is there a glare on the TV?
  • Where your electric outlets are?

These details matter when deciding how high to mount your TV.

Viewing Distance: Consider how far you sit from the TV. If you’re too far, you might not feel as into what you’re watching. But if you’re too close, it could give you a headache. Good news: there’s a formula to help find the right distance.

How high to mount a 65 inch TV

Setting the Right Height: When deciding where to place your 65-inch TV on the wall, consider the height that works best for you. A handy guide is to hang it so that the middle of the screen is about 42-45 inches from the floor. Find that spot – not too high, not too low.

TV Mounting Height Calculator

Eye-Catching Center: For an amazing TV-watching experience, ensure the center of the screen aligns with your eye level. Adjust the TV height if your seating area is lower or if it’s above a fireplace. Let those eyes meet the screen perfectly.

Your Comfort Zone: Discover the ideal height for your 65-inch TV based on what feels comfortable for you. Experiment with different heights until you find the perfect match for your room and seating area. It’s all about creating a cozy and enjoyable TV space.

When mounting a 65-inch TV, it’s essential to consider the recommended height for optimal viewing experience. Typically, the center of the TV screen should be positioned at eye level when seated, which is around 42 to 45 inches from the floor. However, the ideal height may vary depending on factors such as seating arrangement, eye level, and personal preferences. It’s crucial to find the most comfortable viewing angle for your specific setup to avoid common wall mount TV installation problems.

Easy Tips for Mounting 65-Inch TV

With these easy tips, you’ll know How high to mount a 65 inch TV just right for the best TV time.

  1. When figuring out how high to put your 65-inch TV, start by measuring the distance between where you sit and the wall. This helps find the best height and angle.
  2. Make sure the TV is at eye level, considering how tall and wide it is. This measurement helps place the TV for comfy watching.
  3. Choosing the right stuff is also important, especially for heavy TVs. Use strong wall mounts and special screws to keep it secure.
  4. Get good accessories like quality wall mounts and sound bars for the best TV experience.
  5. Think about where the cords go when deciding how high to put your TV. Use a cover along the wall to hide cords and keep things neat.

Professional TV Wall Mount Service at Your Doorstep

Struggling to decide How high to mount a 65 inch TV? Let the experts handle it for you. They will help you choose the ideal height from the floor, ensure the perfect distance from your TV to the couch, and expertly mount your TV on the wall with precision measurements and the right equipment. Additionally, if you’re unsure how to use a satellite finder, they can provide guidance on setting up your satellite dish for optimal reception.


In conclusion, determining the optimal height for mounting a 65-inch TV involves considering your eye level height, the center of the TV screen, and your preferred viewing angle.

By calculating these factors, you can achieve a comfortable and immersive viewing experience. It’s crucial to test the height before finalizing the installation to ensure it supports your personal preferences.

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