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We have a skilled team with over 20 years of experience ready to do a precise job for you from the start. We’re fully insured, licensed, and authorized to install antennas. We focus on details, ensuring our work looks great. Our products, made in Australia, come with a 3-10 year warranty. 

You can enjoy quality network transmission in your home or business. For TV antenna installation and repair in Melbourne, you can contact on us to help either the same day or next day. 

Why choose us?

Is your TV signal not working well with your current antenna? No worries! You’re in the right spot. At Metro TV Antenna, we take care of all your antenna problems, giving you peace of mind.

Sometimes, just like other gadgets, your TV antenna might get damaged and need fixing to keep working. No worries, we’re here to help! Our skilled technicians will carefully check the signal from your TV to the antenna to find the issue. Once they figure out what’s wrong, they’ll talk to you about the solutions and explain everything. If we all agree on the plan, they’ll go ahead and get it fixed.

A bad connection can happen for various reasons, and getting a new antenna isn’t always the solution. Before thinking about replacing the antenna, it’s essential to check if there’s a problem with the connector, cable, splitter, or amplifier. These factors could be the cause of the issue.

Expert Antenna Installation Services in Melbourne

Enhance Your TV Signal with Expert Antenna Solutions in Melbourne

If your TV signal is not good, it can be because of different reasons like where your antenna is, the weather, and damage. Our experts will look into each problem until they fix it. They really care about their job, and making customers happy is what we always aim for.

We have 30 years of experience, and we also use the latest equipment for checking issues. Our team cares about giving you the best service and making sure your antenna works well for the best TV reception.

Contact our experts to install or fix your antenna installation in Melbourne.