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Metro Tv Antenna is a leading company of Antenna  & Home Theatre installation Melbourne. We have 30+  years of experience for each of our installation projects and use the latest equipment and technology to ensure our customers gets the highest quality results.

Everyone dreams of having a home theatre, where they can play games with friends or spend an evening with their loved ones. Like all of us we want to create a welcoming space in our homes, where we want to chill, relax and having a peaceful yet enjoyable time with our family & friends. If this is also your dream, the ideal solution could be to Home Theatre Installation in Melbourne by Metro TV Antenna. 

Get Home Theatre Experience

Home theatre systems create an immersive environment in homes for families. A high-quality sound system, a projector and big screen create an immersive environment where families can watch movies or play games. It is the place where you can relax for hours.

Our experts will help you in setting up a surround sound system, installing projector, mount speakers, set up your remote controls and hide your extra cables for a neat and clean finish. Our experts will also guide you to where it should be installed so that you’ll fall in love with your new system. We ensure you will get the best service. Our decades of experience makes the process so smooth & easy.

Recommendations for installing a Home Theatre

While installing a home theatre screen & projector, first task is to decide about the location. Each projector systems comes in different ranges & you can check all the specifications online. If you have less space, install HDTV or UHDTV is a best choice for yours. Nest task is wiring & it should be placed so neatly, otherwise it ruins the entire look of your room. Another aspect is to ensure the speakers height should be optimal which creates an immersive experience.

Everything you need to set up a home theatre system, the Metro Tv Antenna is always here to help you. We look forward to discussing your options and helping you create the best home theatre system according to your requirements.

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