TV Wall Mounting Brackets

The Best TV Wall Mounting Brackets of 2024

Putting your TV on the wall with the right TV Wall Mounting Brackets is the best way to secure your TV! It gets rid of big stands, keeps your TV safe, and makes your room feel like a movie theatre.

This is especially cool if your room is a bit small because it saves space on the floor and makes things less messy. And if you have kids or pets who love to play around, putting your TV up high keeps it safe from playful hands or running pets.

There are different types and sizes of TV wall mounts, and some work better on certain walls. The size of your TV, where you want it, and the type of wall you have will help you pick the best one.

So, keep reading to find out about the best TV wall mount bracket, from fancy ones for big TVs to easy-to-install mounts for smaller spaces.

Standard TV Wall Mounting Brackets

The universal TV Wall Mount brackets are straightforward and popular. It’s simple and affordable, making it a go-to choice for many. Thanks to its design, it can handle a heavy load and works well with all types of TV models and sizes. This bracket is perfect for mounting your TV at eye level, giving you the best position for a great viewing experience.

Tilt TV Wall Mounting Brackets

Similar to the standard bracket, the Tilt mounting bracket is robust and durable. It offers the added feature of tilting the TV up or down, providing the best viewing angle for high or low mounting positions.

While it suits all TV models and sizes, we recommend it only when necessary, as tilting may distort the image. Optimal TV mounting is at eye level, so it’s advised for situations where the TV needs to be high on a wall.

Adjustable TV Wall Mounting Brackets

Best suited for smaller TVs and monitors, the Adjustable TV wall mount brackets are 100% adjustable. It can swing left or right and tilt up or down, providing the best view from any direction.

Swivel TV Wall Mounting Brackets

A heavy-duty bracket suitable for all TV sizes, brands, and models, the Swivel bracket is the most versatile. Allowing adjustment in all directions—left, right, up, and down—offers complete flexibility. It requires a solid wall for mounting and is less suitable for plasterboard walls, but with professional installation, it can still be mounted securely.

Benefits of Wall Mounting TV:

Mounting your TV not only enhances the aesthetics of your room but also brings several benefits:

  1. Minimalistic Look: Complements any room’s décor.
  2. Space-Saving: Gives a clean and organized appearance, saving valuable space.
  3. Safety: Keeps the TV secure and protected from children.
  4. Reduced Stress and Neck Pain: Mounting at eye level reduces strain on the neck.
  5. Flexibility with Swivel Bracket: Allows for more viewing angle options.
  6. Enhanced TV Viewing Experience: Creates a better overall viewing experience.

How We Can Help You?

Our team of TV Wall Mounting experts in Melbourne simplifies and makes it cost-effective to mount your TV on the wall. Whether your TV is large or small, we offer competitive prices to get it off the TV unit and onto the wall. This not only gives you more room in your space but also enhances the overall look, complementing any décor.

Choose STV for your lounge, home cinema, or business, and bring us to wall mount your TV. Our experts are experienced with all TV models and sizes, providing over 30 years of industry expertise.

We offer advice on the best solutions for your needs, from installing a new digital TV antenna to adding extra TV points.

If you’re uncertain about which TV bracket is suitable for your TV, ask when purchasing, and our experts will guide you. We can supply suitable wall mount TV brackets and offer professional advice on the best fit for your TV.

For a clearer picture and a seamless TV installation, contact us today for TV Wall Mounting, Home Theatre, or projector installation anywhere in Melbourne.