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How to Boost TV Aerial Signal Strength?

Does a poor quality signal, blurred images and irritating notifications get on your nerves? It is now the time to get rid of those problems and experience a good quality TV aerial signal with some outstanding solutions.

Effective Solutions to Improve TV Aerial Signal Strength

Let us go into each tip in more detail to assist you in boosting your TV viewing experience to the next level.

Improve TV Aerial Signal Strength

Install Your TV Aerial Outside

Installing your TV aerial outside of the house and at the highest possible spot is the first stage to your quest for the best signal reception. Through mounting the aerial on your chimney or such a high position on your home you can create a clear line of vision to the transmitter.

This unobstructed view reduces the interference and increases the signal strength, which means you will have a better picture and sound quality for your entertainment.

Install it even higher

Now you probably want to think about installing a shorter mast for your TV aerial, which is ideal as you will then be able to increase the TV aerial signal reception. Taller masts, which are also known as “high gain aerials”, are usually more effective.

They often give better reception than the shorter ones, especially in low signal reception areas or in situations where a single TV aerial needs to serve more than one TVs or tuners. The masts, aside from these additional components, are also used to increase the signal reception, widen the acceptance angle and boost the signal quality.

The Importance of Aligning

Aligning your TV aerial correctly is very important for getting the highest signal intensity and quality for you to be able to watch your favorite programs without any buffering or freezing.

This refinement will be furthered by aligning but aligning tools or vision spectrum analyzer so that you can confirm the alignment with the transmitter and therefore get a full transmission. Although the TV aerial may not be aligned properly by yourself, it is the key to the best signal for you to enjoy it.

Install A Masthead Amplifier

Masthead amplifiers are the key element in overcoming the signal losses that happen due to cable splitting and weak aerial signals. The axilletric way to achieve this is to have the amplifier close to the TV aerial, and from which signal strength can be boosted and losses minimized, thus giving out clearer and better reception.

Cable amplifiers situated at the masthead are mainly effective in the common case when a house has multiple TVs or long cable runs where signal degradation is evident.

Install Distribution Amplifiers

Lessen the signal loss by cutting down on the usage of splitters, especially in the areas of weak signal or when distributing the signal to several TVs. Single amplifiers with multiple output ports provide an effective split solution, this allows for the maintenance of sufficient strength at all devices connected, hence the efficiency in the performance.

Through a distribution amplifier which packs signal distribution of the filtered signal, you can circumvent the signal loss as a result of multiple splitters, thereby enjoying the improved receive quality.

Install Coaxial Cable

Quality coaxial cables are the key for the optimized signal loss and the best transmission efficiency in your TV aerial setup. For cables, double screened ones and solid conductor center are the best choices, because they do well in interference shielding for higher transfer quality.
Coaxial wires that use the copper conductors, including 100 ohm WF, TD, CT, and HD, set the benchmark level of aerial installation’s performance and longevity.

Install ‘Screened’ Wall Plates

Put money in the screened wall plates that can serve as a shield from the outside interference and ensure the signal integrity of your TV aerial setup. These screening wall plates offer connection input ports that safeguard against penetration of signals and noise inside the cables to guarantee superior signal qualities and resistance.

Moreover, screened wall plates provide better signal longevity and affordability of taped wrong connections while decreasing the susceptibility to signal kind of loss and water damage.

Install a Flylead

To reduce the insertion losses and enhance the signal transmission in your TV antenna system, you should upgrade to a high-quality fly lead. Give up on thin and delicate strands and install better ones that allow for higher signal and stability. Through the use of a more a high-grade fly lead, you can consequently keep the signal from deteriorating while having a uniformity in all the parts of your aerial system.

Check You’re Using the Optimum Transmitter

Make sure your TV aerial is lined up with the most suitable transmitter for your place to get the highest signal and best quality. Make sure to reorient your antenna in line with more robust signals for obtaining a better reception.

Every time you purchase an aerial that complements the provider offers best transmitter it will at the end of the day ensure better signal strength, enjoyability, and reliability.


With the help of these tips and techniques, you will be able to improve your TV aerial signal strength to the level that you will be able to watch without any interruptions and with a clear image and sound.

If you are in need of an antenna installation or if you have questions on how to perfect your configuration, do not hesitate and ask our experts for highly professional help.

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