TV Antenna Installation Cost

How Much Does a TV Antenna Installation Cost 2024?

If you’re in Melbourne and wondering about the cost of installing a TV antenna, you’ve landed on the right page. Metro TV Antenna is here to guide you. Normally, the average cost of TV antenna installation falls in the range of $200 to $459.

Factors influence the TV antenna installation cost

TV antenna installation cost

When it comes to setting up a TV antenna, understanding the factors influencing the cost is crucial. From the type of antenna to additional equipment, various elements contribute to the overall expense. Let’s delve into what determines the cost to install TV antenna and gain insights into optimizing your budget for a seamless TV experience.

Material Quality: Consider what the TV antenna is made of. Just like good materials make things strong, quality materials in the antenna help it work better.

Strength of Signal: Consider how clear and strong the TV signal is where you live. If it’s already good, you might not need the fanciest antenna.

Technician Experience: The person putting up the antenna should know what they are doing like someone who has played with lots of toys and knows how to fix them better.

Location and Property Type (Home or Commercial): Are you in a house or a shop? This can change what kind of antenna you need. Houses and shops are like different playgrounds for antennas.

Need for a Booster: Imagine you’re playing a game, and you need extra power to win. A booster for your antenna is like that extra power. It makes the signal stronger if it’s not great already.

Do You Require an Extended or Long Rod?: Picture the antenna having a long arm. If you live far away from where the signal comes from, you might need a longer arm (or rod) to catch it better.

Need for Extra TV Points: If you want to watch TV in more than one room, you might need extra TV points. It’s like having more than one door to enter a room; each TV point is a door for your TV signal.

Thinking about these things helps you pick the right antenna for what you need. And remember, the cost can be different, ranging from $200 to $459.

Why Your Antenna Might Need Replacement or Repair

Our skilled technicians replace or repair TV antennas regularly due to various reasons:

  1. Incorrect Placement: Sometimes, antennas are put in the wrong spot.
  2. Expiry Date: Just like everything else, antennas have an expiry date. They need to change after a few years.
  3. Broken Parts: Components break over time, especially in extreme weather conditions.
  4. Defective Components: Faulty parts can result in poor reception, even if the antenna is good.
  5. Bad Antenna: An antenna that is poorly manufactured or installed.
  6. Signal Blocked: Obstacles like big buildings, skyscrapers, or hills can block the signal.
  7. Weather Damage: Extreme lightning can damage the antenna.

Why Choose Experts?

Our experts use the latest equipment and their vast experience to install antennas that last for 15-20 years. We focus exclusively on high-quality Australian-made antennas. There are instances where customers call us to replace antennas that were installed by others just 1-3 years ago.

In our industry, there are many inexperienced fitters, DIY enthusiasts, and electricians who opt for the cheapest antennas on the market. If someone quotes you a mere $100-$150 for a new TV antenna installation, be cautious. They typically use inexpensive products and lack industrial training. Watch out for cheap antennas and inexperienced installers!

Our technicians conduct thorough signal tests to ensure the antenna’s longevity, and we’ve been providing support for decades in the industry. We adhere to the strict guidelines of the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA).

For top-notch TV antenna installation and repair, reach out to Metro TV Antennas. We provide high-quality services at an affordable cost.


In conclusion, understanding the factors influencing the cost of TV antenna installation is crucial for optimizing your budget while ensuring a seamless TV experience. Factors such as material quality, signal strength, technician experience, property type, need for boosters or extended rods, and extra TV points all play a significant role in determining the overall expense, which typically ranges from $200 to $459.

While our experts can provide a general estimate over the phone, it’s essential to consider these factors for a precise cost assessment. We recommend scheduling an appointment with us at 0401 022 929. Our skilled technicians will conduct an on-site assessment, verify the price, and determine the specific requirements tailored to your situation. By engaging our services, you ensure thorough attention to detail and personalized solutions for your TV antenna needs.

Contact us today to benefit from our expertise and reliable assistance in achieving optimal TV reception at an affordable cost.