Metro Tv Antenna is specialized in Projector Installation Melbourne. Projectors have been used since decades to project content in school halls, lecture halls, and corporate boardrooms. Our staff combines both the skills & expertise while installing the projector. We can install projector in any room size ranging from small classrooms through to large halls or theatres.

Our specialist solutions and staff encompass the skill and expertise to handle a room of any size, ranging from small classrooms through to large halls or theatres. Projectors are extremely cost-effective. Our services includes projectors, audio visual equipment, connections, and projector screens of all sizes. We are providing friendly expert advice and services. We can give you the best comparable size and readability at affordable prices than a large TV screen. At the same time, the projector needs to be set up properly to work, so we always here to help you. 

We are renowned specialist of Projector Installation Melbourne when it comes to high-quality projector installations. Create a realistic experience of a movie every time you watch it at home. It is important to have best sound system along with screens and projectors so you can immensely enjoy your movie. If your projector is poorly mounted, it can degrade picture quality. Before placing the projector correctly, it is important to understand the dimensions and conditions of the room, as well as how the projector will be used.

Projector Mounts

We can provide a full range of projector mounts according to your requirements. We offer guaranteed services and provide adjustable pole, fixed mount and standard motorised above ceiling mount. They vary in size, from 3 inches to 7 feet. 

Projector Screens Installation

There are lots of points should be considered when you are planning to buy a screen for your projector. Resolution and size of the screens are the most important criteria. Our experts will help you choose the best entertainment screen in your home or office.

Why Choose Us?

Our team of qualified and experienced technicians to offer you the best products with efficient installation. We will not only configure the sound system at the right place, but we will adjust it properly so that it looks good in your room. We provide quality services at an affordable prices. All of our technicians fully licensed, insured and specialise in Antenna Installation, TV wall mountingHome Theatre Installation, and extra TV points. Our mission is to help our clients accordingly their specific needs.

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