How to Prepare for Your TV Installation

Putting your trust in experts to install your TV? Sensible decision. But don’t just sit back and relax… yet. A small amount of preparation will guarantee a trouble-free TV installation. Everything you might need to know (and take care of) before your technician arrives has been covered in this article.

Common TV Installation Mistakes:

These typical TV installation errors are ones that we see far too many people make (but not you because you’ll be so organized):

Inadequate support for the wall: If the TV wall mount is not correctly secured to the wall studs, it may fall and cause harm or damage.

Mistaken Wall Mount Choice: It can be unstable and even dangerous to use a wall mount for your TV if it isn’t made to fit the weight and size requirements.

Ignoring the Cable Management: Not organizing and securing cables can make your setup look bad and even dangerous. Unintentional slips from loose wires are a risk.

Electrical Safety Ignored: A fire hazard can arise from using damaged power cords or plugging too many devices into one outlet. Using appropriate electrical security measures is essential.

Not Enough Air Ventilation: If the TV is installed in a small area with inadequate ventilation, it may overheat and break some of its components.

Incorrect Alignment: An uncomfortable neck and strain on the eyes can result from mounting the TV too high or too low. When you’re sitting down, make sure the TV is at eye level.

Not Leveling the Television: The TV’s viewing experience could be affected, and possible internal component problems may arise if the TV is not levelled correctly.

Overlooking the Advice of the Manufacturer: Neglecting the particular guidelines given by the TV manufacturer and wall mount kit may lead to an unstable and insecure installation.

Failing to Inspect for Blockages: Inability to consider nearby items or furniture that might block the TV’s view. It can result in a problematic viewing experience.

Absence of expert assistance: To ensure the job is done safely and correctly, it’s important to seek the assistance of a professional installer if you have any doubts about any aspect of the installation process.

Ignoring Safety Measures: Accidents or injuries may result from a failure to take safety precautions, such as wearing the proper protective gear or asking for help when lifting heavy objects.

Lack of Setup Testing: After installation, if the TV and all connected devices are not tested, problems may be discovered after the fact, potentially causing delays and frustration.

You can avoid common TV installation tragedies and ensure a safe and enjoyable viewing experience by being aware of these potential pitfalls and taking the necessary precautions.

It is best to seek professional advice if you are uncertain about any part of the installation process.

Why is Professional TV Installation Necessary?

Why not DIY? An increasing number of people are opting to schedule a professional TV installation. The problem is that installing a TV involves more than just unpacking and plugging in your brand-new device. It’s common to ask for additional services to properly install your new TV and set it up with all the connections.

It may include the following: 

  • Technical proficiency is a little bit above average
  • Equipment and tools that you don’t keep in your house
  • Playing around with wires and electronics
  • Making holes in the wall for the installation of additional fixtures and equipment, such as wall mounts, TV points, and antennas.
  • Adjusting the TV
  • Getting assistance from a professional will guarantee that the work is completed better, faster, and safer.

Selecting a TV

Before scheduling your TV installation, you should purchase your TV if you haven’t already. The primary factors to take into account when comparing various TVs are:

  • Spend less and purchase the best TV that fits your budget.
  • Seating distance: To prevent pixels from being visible, you should probably get a smaller or higher definition TV if you wish to sit closer.
  • Size: Select a TV based on its ideal dimensions for your room and distance from the wall.
  • Extra features: Do you desire special ports or connections, a smart TV, or something else?
  • Resolution: A sharper image may make for a more enjoyable viewing experience, but it can be expensive, too.

Your choice of TV size and model will influence your setup options and next steps.

Choosing Your Installation Setup

For the installation of your TV, there are three primary setup options:

  1. Television Cabinet

It is the preferred viewing position for some families. This method has the advantage that you can easily move your TV and cabinet around and that, aside from your TV wall point, no additional wall holes are needed.

It may be a good idea, depending on your TV and furniture, to anchor your TV to the cabinet for added Safety after you have fixed your cabinet to the wall.

  1. Wall-mounted TV

Installing your TV on the wall using a TV bracket is another common choice. Since you won’t need as much furniture in the room, this is frequently the most appealing option.

It can also have a simple, minimalist appearance with careful cord management. In addition, it’s safer because your pets or children can’t mistakenly tip over the cabinet or TV.

  1. Home Theater

Elevate your TV wall mount with a complete audio-visual setup. Install speakers throughout your room and connect your surround-sound system for an engaging TV-watching experience.

Plan According to Your Schedule

We understand you’re busy. It’s the primary reason you’d prefer to leave your TV installation to the specialists. However, you (or a trustworthy person) must remain at home throughout the installation, so when scheduling your technician, take your schedule into account.

You could ask a friend, neighbour, or even a personal attendant to let your technician in and answer their questions during the process if you’re busy with family or work.

Consider the Location

Choose the location for your TV installation before your technician arrives.

Which room first? The majority of people decide to place their main TV in their living room, but you can install TVs anywhere you want by adding additional TV wall points throughout your house.

You must also decide how high you want your TV to be positioned if you plan to mount it. Before starting the installation, your technician will check with you to make sure you are comfortable with the recommended height and viewing angles.

Consider Permission and Access

Before starting your TV installation, you might need permission from your landlord if you live in a rental home, apartment, or townhouse.

So, please write a letter or email to the appropriate person explaining what you need to do, where it needs to be done, and whether or not you plan to repair the damage after you move out.

It would help if you also thought about access. Your technician will require simple access to your roof or balcony, outside spaces, and manhole if you need an antenna installed or additional TV wall outlets.

How to wall-mount a TV without wires?

Nothing is worse than messy cords on a brand-new TV. Just ask your TV installer to take care of the cords when they wall mount or install your TV, and you can enjoy a TV installation without any visible cords. To tuck the cords away and make them disappear, they’ll use items like cord covers and wall holes.

Schedule an Additional Digital/Antenna Service

As you can see, installing a TV involves much more than just opening a brand-new device. To complete the setup of your entertainment system, you may also want to schedule the following additional services:

Installation of TV points: You may wish to add multiple TV points to your house.

Installing or repairing digital antennas: If your TV isn’t working properly, you won’t be able to watch free-to-air channels.

Foxtel Installation: Get help setting up Foxtel so you can watch even more shows on your new TV.

TV wall mounting: By hanging your TV on the wall, you can increase Safety and save space.

TV tuning: With a professionally tuned TV, you can be sure it is receiving the majority of shows and the best signals out there.

Make an Appointment for Expert TV Installation

Contact an expert to schedule a TV installation professional visit to your house or to obtain a free quote. After assessing your situation and your new TV, he’ll recommend any TV installation services so you can get everything set up and ready to watch your favourite shows.